Bookshelf With Pegs

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This simple bookshelf with pegs will be a great addition to any room especially a nursery, classroom or kids room! It is great for hanging clothes or accessories as well as putting books on display.


Height and Depths

  • Standard 7.5" Tall
    • Other Available Upon Request (Reach out before making your order)
  • Sticks out 4" From the wall
    • 3.5" Shelf Depth


  • 16" 3 Pegs
  • 20" 4 Pegs
  • 24" 5 pegs
  • Other Options Upon Request


  • 2-3 screws and drywall mounts included
    • No drill required for drywall mounts
    • Phillips Screwdriver used to insert mounts
  • Pre-drilled holes to fit screws
  • Phillips screwdriver required

 **If you have questions about any specifications or customizations please don't hesitate to message us!**